Tricky's Modules

Below is the download link to Tricky's modules for BlitzMax. Nearly all modules have an open-source license and are therefore free for you to use in your projects, however do check the license (which will mostly appear in the documentation of the modules after you built it) before actually using these modules.

You can download these files as a zip from GitHub, or use a git client to retrieve them and then place them in your the "mod" directory within your BlitzMax directory

Unless explicitly stated otherwise all modules should work on Windows and Mac. While the modules should work in Linux as well, I cannot give you any support for this.

Please note, these modules are updated REAL-TIME, so on the moment I update them this download file automatically gets updated as well. Due to this some compilation errors might pop-up if you just downloaded this file while I was making updates. Most likely when you download this file again after a few hours the problems are solved.


  1. This download is updated real time as soon as I update the module file and the archiver packs and sends it online PRIOR to compilation. In other words ALWAYS compile ALL these modules BEFORE using them in your actual projects or else you're bound to get errors. All pre-compiled stuff you'll find inside the downloaded archive (which will most likely be for Mac) is always outdated. The same goes for all documentation. I do recommend you to rebuild that as well or the stuff within it is very likely either outdated or even missing completely.
  2. Some modules use Brucey's "Volumes" module. Make sure it's present.
    The GALE.MaxLua4GALE module will require MinGW to compile. All other modules are written in pure BlitzMax code and will therefore not require any help from MinGW, though you will have to open the dos-prompt to do the compiling then, as the Windows versions of MaxIDE will always look for MinGW data

Have fun. ;)

Retrieve the modules from GitHub